Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shopping Trip - 5/28/11

Today we did our shopping for this week's groceries. For starters we always make a weekly menu and stick very closely to it. This week's menu is basically a copy of last week because we had more leftovers than expected of one meal, and Jess' mom took us out for dinner another night. Here is our menu for Sunday - Saturday (5/29 - 6/4).

Sun: Eating Out (Jazz Jubilee)
Mon: Chicken Noodle Casserole
Tue: Left Overs
Wed: Stir Fry (1# Frozen chicken, bag stir fry vegetables, 1/2 bottle Teriyaki sauce)
Thur: Left Overs
Fri: Jess' Girls Night (see below)
Sat: Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

We do keep hamburgers in the freezer in case we get home early (like Sunday) or for lunches on weekends. the Friday girls night, Jess will be gone and I make a sandwich, Top Ramen with some chicken, or a hamburger for just me.

The Casserole and Stir fry we were supposed to eat last week (see reason above).

Breakfast Stuff: Oatmeal, Bananas, Cereal, Milk

Lunch Stuff: Bread, Pickles, Yogurt, American cheese slices, Apples.
- Macaroni Salad ingredients (Macaroni, Sweet Relish, Season-all, Mayonnaise)
- Still had lunch meat.

Dinner Stuff
- Enchiladas: Shredded Cheese, Sour Cream, Frozen Chicken Thighs (4# Bag), Cream of Chicken Soup, Tortillas
- Side Salads: (Still have Baby Spinach) cucumber, Bell Pepper, Baby Carrots

Misc. Needs: Top Ramen x4, Quaker Rice Cakes, Rice-A-Roni, Popping Corn, Body Wash

We bought 31 items and spent $42.98 = Average $1.38/item
No coupons used this week.

Not everything we buy is of the Great Value brand. Pay close attention to the price per oz on the left side of the price tags. Also check all the way from the bottom of the shelves to the top shelf for the best price.

sometimes we buy a whole young chicken, cook it in the crock pot, then split it into .75 pound bags of cooked meat (equivalent to 1 pound of uncooked chicken). However the last few weeks we have been buying the frozen chicken breasts or chicken thighs. the bag of chicken bought today will be enough for 4 meals (1# each). For my lunches this week I decided to make my own macaroni salad and put it in small reusable storage containers.

We buy the popping corn and the rice cakes for snack foods in the cupboard. Rice cakes and popcorn are much cheaper and healthier than keeping chips, cookies, or other junk food around, and they stay good much longer. For the popcorn, invest in an air popper ($20-25), it's the best snack ever without using oil in a pan on the stove-top.

New Blog - Frugality

So in light of some changes in my wife and my self's lives, we are finding ourselves in this economy budgeting very tightly. In the past few weeks we have been posting our grocery shopping results on every one's favorite social networking site. As a result, some people have been telling us to start a blog talking about our grocery and budgeting strategies, so here it is! This blog is just to introduce our "way of life" and try to deter anyone who has a "passionate" dislike for some of our methods or locations for shopping. I understand everyone has opinions but I don't want this blog to turn into one of those ones I have seen where comments turn into attacks and arguments over things. This blog is for people to get ideas and resources for saving a little extra money. So below is the general idea of what is to follow in future blogs.

- We shop at Walmart. I understand some people do not like Walmart, and some even refuse to shop there. We would love to shop elsewhere, and we have done our weekly trips to Safeway, Target, and Savemart, but the results have always been cheaper at Walmart. We don't always buy Walmart brand either, but that will be elaborated on in future blogs.

- We don't always Coupon. We don't get the newspaper so we don't clip coupons, but I am a member of a few of the online coupon websites. We also don't buy things because we have a coupon, we buy things we already needed and have a coupon for it.

- Many of our weekly menus are made up of a second night of leftovers from the first night. As a family of two it is hard to make a meal for only one night without cutting recipes in half. We don't mind eating leftovers but some people do.