Friday, June 10, 2011

Shopping Trip - 6/10

Today's shopping trip was not as exciting, eventful, or record breaking as the last two posts. However, while shopping we could tell by the number of items in the cart and the general prices of these items that we were not breaking our price to item ratio this weekend. So without further delay here we go.

Sun: BBQ Beer Can Chicken (Very excited for this one...)
Mon: Leftovers
Tue: Tuna noodle casserole
Wed: Leftovers
Thur: Easy Orange Chicken
Fri: Leftovers
Sat: Easy Italian Chicken

So the beer can chicken on Sunday is a practice session for a BBQ we are having on the fourth of July weekend next month. I figured it would be best to cook one and see how it turned out before we jumped into cooking one for a ton of people. The Tuna noodle Casserole was bought last week (see the oops section of the last post). The easy orange chicken is well... easy. And it is a favorite of ours. The Easy Italian chicken is a crock pot recipe that we haven't tried yet, but sounded good.

Breakfast: Bagels, Cereal, Cottage cheese

Lunch: Bread, Lunch Meat, Granola bars, Macaroni (Macaroni salad ingredient), Yogurt

Beer Can Chicken: Whole Young chicken
- Tuna noodle Casserole: Bought everything last week (Cheese, Tuna, Cream/Mushroom soup, & noodles)
- Orange Chicken: Mixed vegetables, Frozen orange Juice, Chicken Breasts (part of 3# Bag), had the rest (we used onion flakes)
- Italian chicken: Mushrooms, Cabbage, Spaghetti Sauce, Chicken Breasts (Part of 3# bag)

Misc: Rice cakes, Lemonade mix, Whole Pepper Corns (for our grinder)

We bought 18 items and spent $42.53 = Average $2.36/item

This weeks trip was not as frugal as we had hoped for, but we could have easily picked something other than the chicken for dinner on Sunday. Even though we went over our $2.00 ratio goal we still stayed under our $50 total goal, which is an achievement on it's own. I still have to go find a small pack of canned beer, as the store only had canned beer in 12+ packs, and that was PBR... Next week I will write about how the BBQ chicken and the Italian chicken turned out, and maybe some pictures of the BBQ chicken process :)

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