Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shopping Trip 7/18 *First coupon edition*

This is the first blog in almost a month. Between 4th of July, family dinners, and family in town our shopping trips have been somewhat random and inconstant. This last weekend we spend our weekend away in Oakland for a Angels vs. A's double header, then sunday in San Francisco. Now that our trips and dinners out are over for awhile, we are getting back into our weekly menu and shopping trip. So here is this week's Menu

Mon: Leftover Lasagna (from friday last week, will post a recipe next time we make it)
Tue: Dinner at Grandparents (aunt & uncle in town from washington)
Wed: Beef Taco skillet
Thurs: Leftover beef taco skillet
Fri: Easy Chicken Pot Pie
Sat: Leftover Pot Pie

Breakfast: Cereal (x2), Milk, Bagels, V-8 fusion juice, Coffee beans

Lunch: Yogurt, Top Ramen (x2), Cheese nips, Sweet potato fries, cheese sticks

Dinner: bell pepper (salads), Cucumber (salad), Frozen chicken Breast (3# Bag), Cream of chicken soup, Frozen mixed vegetables.

Misc. Powerade (x4), Fabric softener sheets, shredded cheese (x2),

We bought 29 items and spent 42.06 = average $1.45/item

Total coupon/ad match Value: $5.48

This week is the first time we have proactively used coupons from the Sunday newspaper. We bought the two extra bags of shredded cheese and cheese sticks because in the local Safeway ad, they were doing a buy two get one free special. Either way we will use the cheese in the weeks to come, so it is now in the freezer. We had coupons for the V-8 fusion, coffee, and yogurt. Yesterday we purchased a discounted 21-week subscription to the weekend newspaper through Groupon, so now we will have the coupons every weekend. We are also going to start looking online for manufacturer coupons, as those can be stacked with the weekly coupons.